Monday, June 25, 2012

The Vacation of my life!

So I have been home for a week and a bit now.  Back in my own bed and back to work. And trying very hard to get back into my routine.

I miss my friends in Ontario though. Birdman and the Mrs. The girls, TT Three fingers and O The one eared wonder. And Blue the D.O.G! Scooter and Nana Bird. Bugsy and the Bird sisters. I miss everyone I met there.

Really. It was the best vacation I have ever had. Beautiful country, beautiful people. The wedding was totally amazing! Mrs. B was so beautiful it took my breath away. And I have never seen Birdman so happy. I'm surprised he didn't break his face from smiling so much. He looked pretty good too.

But then, I think we all looked good. I do admit, the shoes were HIGHLY uncomfortable. I was never so happy to slide my feet into my sandals.

I think one of my most favourite people I met was Nana Bird. She stole my heart the first day I met her.  I ended up staying with her for a few days after the wedding. I felt as comfortable there as I would my own Mom's house. And she treated me like I was one of her own. We talked a lot and laughed a lot. I know now why Birdman loves his Mom so much. Really. How could you not love that smile? Her heart is 3 times the size she is.

And the girls! Oh my God the girls! Two of the most polite and nicest kids I have ever met! Funny and smart and talented! But don't EVER drop an "F" bomb around them. I ended up having to buy them ice cream AND slushies. I think I owe them ice cream the next time I come down.

Melvin had a total blast! I think more people knew him from sneaking into bed with Mrs.Birdman then from his facebook page. We have decided that Ontario was his bi-curious time. He came with "K" and I to Church Street and ended up getting into all kinds of situations. There was the spanking in front of Woody's

 There was the young lesbians at Zippers.....

There is a whole post on just Melvin's shenaigans and I promise I will get to the stories.

I think the best part of my holiday, besides seeing a Blue Jays game in Skydome(EEEKKKKK!!!Really!! IN Skydome!), was everyone called me Dustin. That is how I was introduced, that is what I answered to. No one blinked an eye. I was completely accpeted for me and was never questioned on my choices. And I was amazed, AMAZED how many people said they read my blog! That made me so happy! I know Birdman was worried at one point that someone may say something to me that would be hurtful. The complete opposite happened. I met so many positive people that made me feel good and made me feel comfortable.

I was even invited to have dinner with "L" and "J" and thier 6 kids. Yes. I said six. Three are hers and three were his. But they made an awesome blended family. Plus, they had awesome bbq'ed dead cow.

I ended up leaving the wedding dance a little early. Around midnight I think. (Thanks for the ride Chin!) I found that my anxiety level was rising. Not sure why. I felt comfortable and was having a good time. But then, all of a sudden, BLAM! it hit me.  It was nothing anyone said or did, it was just my own mind playing against me. I tried to fight through it. I sat outside for a while and got some air. But the feeling was just too overwhelming. Once I got back to the apartment, I calmed down and my breathing returned to normal. From the pictures that posted, I missed a hell of a party. I am really hoping that by 2014, when I go back for World Pride, my anxiety will be much more under control.

So I am thinking of performing at Dawson Creek Pride this year. Maybe doing "Fat bottom girls" by Queen.


Little Miss Little Miss can't be wrong.....



  1. It was great to meet you Dustin and I'm glad to hear you had a great time. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to dinner atL&J 's place but I did hear something about a road trip......

    Look forward to seeing you again


    1. Road trips are awesome!! And I would love to show you the northern beauty I live in.

  2. I say you should do it, but I sure hope it's lip syncing. lol I'm glad you had a great vacation, but sad that you had to leave early because of that. Stupid anxiety. There were a lot of people still looking for Melvin at the end of the night.

    1. I know. Melvin was the hit of the dance! Besides your Mom that is. Maybe I will send him back and he can have an adventure with you and the family?? LOL

      And yes. I will be lip syncing.