Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blog heard around the world. Well, not really.

Well, Christmas is over. WOO HOO! For those of you who know me, I am not a big fan of Christmas. Haven't been in years. I did have fun this year. I went to Tasha's and spent the night there. We got up in the morning, shared a coffee and some laughs while we waited for M to come over. We then opened presents and had brunch. I took my customary Christmas day nap. Then helped Tasha with dinner though I did get kicked out of the kitchen a lot. It was an awesome dinner. Tasha is such a great cook. Then after dinner, I came home and hung out with my fur babies.

It was a pretty good Christmas over all.

I told my parents about my plans. It did not go as I had hoped but wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I am just going to leave it at that. They have some adjusting to do and I do not want to make it worse for them by bringing it up here.

I am so excited to see the shrink next week. someone to talk to that can answer some questions for me and who might ask me questions I need to find the answers for. Does that make sense? I think he will make me think about things a lot. And that is what I want. I still want to go ahead with my decision. The sooner the better. And having someone who is a specialist will make things a little easier I think.

I have also made a new friend. Well. A couple of new friends.  One is a trans man I met through a mutual friend. He is awesome! Though, he is 20 years younger then I am, we still have lots in common. I think he will be a great friend and support for me. He has already answered a lot of the questions I had. And to be honest, it is just nice to have someone who understands what I am going through. Someone in my community, that I can call up if I am having a crisis and be an understanding shoulder to lean on. We are going watch shopping one day soon. I was told I need one. Maybe two.

I have also met a girl. I know! I am very excited about that too! She lives down south though. Which sucks. But we both have Skype and have been enjoying video chats as well as text messages and phone calls. I really like her. A lot. We have a lot in common and make each other laugh. Which is always a good thing. And, she is SMOKIN' hot! Oh my Dog! I love me a redhead for sure!

I thought I had a lot more to say. I guess i don't. I just wanted to get something out there so Birdman wouldn't eat me about the head and neck with a wet noodle. Because he likes doing things like that. He can be a dirty dirty guy sometimes. You need to check out his blog. It is the awesome. Go there. Read and comment. He would really like that.

Bro code # 82

If two Bros get into a heated argument over something and one says something out of line, the other shall not expect him to "take it back" or "apologize" to amends. That's inhuman.



  1. You're right about me being dirty, but I haven't even written anything in over a week. I'm on holidays, and don't have the right to beat anyone with any form of noodle. Does your new friend that is a girl know about your goings on?

  2. She seems to be OK with everything. I guess only time will tell.

    And what if I want you to beat me with a wet noodle? Dirty boy!

  3. Good luck with your appointment this week Dustin. I hope it is all that you hoped it would be. What a great opportunity for you, and another step in your journey.

  4. All though we have not talked in a long time Dustin, I have always been proud of your strength and perseverance, through out the years no matter of the ups and downs that life has shown you.
    As for being a great friend HELL YA everyone and anyone that has known you should be blessed with you in their lives, I know I am.
    (one of my many treasured keepsakes: is the leather braclet from way back to the Westside days) <3 All the very best in '2013'

    1. Thank you Karen. I am the one who is blessed. Having such good friends around me. I got your back my friend.