Sunday, July 20, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

It has been a busy life for me lately.

Work has been really busy. We hired a couple of new people for the front counter. One worked out. One didn't. And we lost someone from our area in the back. Plus, one guy is gone for surgery on his feet and another guy is on holidays for two weeks. AND, I am going away for 3 days this upcoming week for training. AND, the powers that be have decided I need to be trained on how to fix fire extinguishers.Which normally would not be a big issue but I am busy on my end, and, as I mentioned before, we are short staffed and I have to help out on the front counter. The guy who is training me is also worse then a child when he doesn't get his way.  After a day and half of training, he has already berated me for something that was out of my control and I have already swore at him and walked away. I think the word we are looking for is "clusterf**k."

All I can hope for is that things will settle down. I hope.

On a happy note, I have a dog now. I know. Surprise surprise for those of you on Facebook. Ha Ha!

She is a cocker spaniel named Bella but I call her Boo. She is brown and white and a total sweetheart. Very shy and timid though she is coming out of her shell a bit more now. She was given to me by friends about a month ago. We had a rocky start but we are settling in together nicely.

We go for walks 4 or 5 times a day. She sleeps on a doggie bed beside my bed. Though she would be really really happy if I would let her sleep on my bed. But the bed belongs to the cats. I put a smelly t-shirt on her dog bed so she can smell me and feel comfortable. Seems to be working so far.

I am amazed how different I feel having a dog. I know I had Abby a few months ago but this is my dog. I don't have to give Boo back. She is mine. Even though she has a huge lazy streak, once she gets going on our walks, she is good. I feel all the stress from my day fading away while we walk. I watch her trot along beside me, stopping to sniff stuff and smiling up at me. Her little tail nubbin wagging and everything gets better. Boo has some anxiety but we are working on it. With drops in her food and just trying to be calm around her. I try and push her comfort zone a little bit though. She is staying at Tasha's house while I am gone. With her 2 dogs and another one she is babysitting. I think she will be fine. I am more worried about her figuring out the doggie door.

I am looking forward to going away for training. It will be the only "vacation" I get this summer. Because of the way the flights work out, I end up with about a day and half in Calgary to hang out. I am having a wonderful friend from high school and I get to have a sleep over P.J party with my scuzzin and we are going to spend time with our cousin. Like a mini family reunion. Scuzzin is taking me shopping as well. Now that I have lots a few pounds. And since my twin sis is coming to visit in September, I want some new jeans for pictures we are getting done while she is here.

I found out recently that the doctor I had in town is gone. Which sucks because we have a doctor shortage here. Now, in order to re new my prescriptions, I have to go to a new walk in. Normally this would not be an issue but with me being transgender, I see it as being a problem. There were things I was working with my doctor on and now I don't know if those things are going to get taken care of. And I am not sure what that is going to do when I need more referrals in the future if I can't get another doctor. It makes me feel frustrated and scared. And I am not sure what I can do about it. Moving to another city is not really an option. I have a life here and a good job. Plus, the doctor shortage is pretty much everywhere. So frustrating.

OK. I have to go and do laundry. So I can pack for my trip to Calgary next week.

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  1. I am really looking forward to our visit too. It's gonna be great to re-connect !