Monday, October 3, 2011

Someone please help me!!

I have gotten caught up in watching Dancing with the Stars. A horrible thought! Oh the nightmares!! I admit the only reason I am watching is for the good looking chicks and Chaz Bono. He is not doing so well. He did not inherit his mother's talent for dance that's for sure. But just how brave is he? Letting go and honestly trying his best is so awesome to see.  I actually missed him dancing tonight and feel slightly bummed out about it.

I did manage to read a few articles about his beard. What is the big deal about his beard coming in? He has been on Testostarone for a couple of years and it is bound to happen. I couldn't imagine any Trans man not growing facial hair. It's a right of passage for any man. I would give just about anything for a moustache.

Does that surprise you? I hope not. I hope by now you should be expecting something like that from me. :) But seriously, I have admired moustaches for years. The different looks. The little mousy ones. The bold, strong ones. The Handlebar. Ahhh. The handlebar. One of my friends in high school, her dad has a handle bar that he waxes! I LOVED it! I don't know if I would be suited for a handle bar but I think a maybe a "Magnum" would look nice. Magnum you ask? Magnum P.I. Remember him? He had a great moustache.

Why don't you tell me what kind of moustache you think would look good on me.

This should be fun.........

1 comment:

  1. My vote is for a nicely groomed soup strainer a la Magnum. Let's just say that if classic 80's Magnum was giving out free mustache rides, I'd be at the start of the line up. :)