Saturday, May 5, 2012

Of love lost and found

I've had both. I think we all have. There is always that one that you have a soft spot for. Maybe it was a teenage crush. Or the one you screwed up and let get away.  The one you have secretly loved for years. The one you can't imagine you're life without.

The one I can't imagine my life without is not a romantic love. She has been part of my life for 25 years. I have had friends for longer. And friends for a shorter time that mean oh so much to me. But only one that I love with all my heart.

The other night we were having dinner. She said I was the sister she never had and the brother she always wanted. I smiled when she told me that. It still makes me smile. She is the sister I always wanted and never had. For my family reading this, who know my sisters, and have siblings they are close too, remember, I don't have that. No offence to my sisters. Really. But I have nothing in common with them. Besides having the same parents. "T" and I have the same sense of humour, like most of the same music, have fought and are still fighting depression. We are comfortable in our silences. Hell, we even fart in front of each other. Can't get much more comfortable then that.

People have asked us both if we have romantic feelings for each other. It's like others can't understand the bond we have with each other. She has my back. I have hers. No matter what is going on and no matter what time it is. To be honest, she is the only one I trust with my life. Out of respect, I have tried not to use names in this blog. You know, she who will remained nameless. But I am going to break that just once. I am so proud to have you as my friend Tasha. You mean more to me then anyone else in this world. You are my very best friend and I love you with all my heart. Where ever and when ever you need me, I will be there.

On to a lighter story.

I got a text message the other day.

I know. Not that exciting. But........

It was from my dad.

My DAD!!

He is 70 years old. Got himself a new iPhone and has decided to give texting a try.


Shocked the shit out of me. Thought I should know better. Nothing he does anymore should surprise me. After all, he decided to buy a motorcycle a few years back. He ended up crashing it. But still. I was very proud of him when he bought it. He should have a little fun. Mom was mad he bought it. The other one was telling me not to encourage him to buy it. "Mom is really mad! They will end up getting a divorce!" "Whatever." I said. "If they didn't get divorced when dad was drinking, they are not going to get one over a motorcycle." To be honest,  I would be more worried of them splitting up over the basement renovation.

Anyway, the other called me one day to say that Dad had crashed the bike. Laid it down on the highway doing about 100 km an hour. Thought he say something run out in front of him. He ended up hurting him thumb and getting 11 stitches in his elbow. To be honest, I laughed. As soon as I found out he was OK of course.

Not sure how I got on the story of Dad's bike from him text messaging me. You really shouldn't let me get off topic like that.

Now I lost my train of thought.


S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y NIGHT!!! Sa sa sa Saturday night!


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