Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moving on and new additions.

It's been a while. Sorry about that. How have you all been? I have been OK. A lot of different things going on with me.

I don't think Duff is coming home. And I am very sad about that. I loved him very much. He was a manly cat who was my precious sock monster. I am going to stop now because I get a lump in my throat thinking about what might have happened to him.

Since the energy has not felt right in my home with Duff gone, I decided to adopt another cat. Honestly, I did try to just have two cats but I couldn't do it. Three seems to be the magic number. And it had to be a boy cat. There is enough estrogen in the place now.

I did a lot of research and checked out my local SPCA. I was there several times and met a lot of different cats. I was torn between two different males. A part Siamese named Shogun. He has blue eyes that are slightly crossed. A very handsome face who gets along with other cats and likes belly rubs. The other is an orange tabby named Flaim. He is actually a light orange colour. Almost peach. Very affectionate. Gives head nuzzles and is just a tiny thing compared to my last orange tabby.

After much debate, I went with Flaim. Who I re named Boris. He seems to be fitting in nicely. There has been some hissing with the other two, but no fights. So I guess that is good. I thought I would never want another orange tabby after having to get Tang put down but I love them. They are a unique personality that seems to fit with mine. Oh and he is already neutered, had all his shots and has a micro chip. He has attached himself to me quite a bit. Follows me around the apartment. I like that.

Let's see what else?

I had my fist appointment with my new shrink. Dr.G. I think I like her. We actually had a conversation with her asking me questions. She gave me some insight and some things to think about. I see her again next month so I guess we will see.

I have a new great nephew. His name is Joshua. I call him Stinker. Little Stinker. He was born 5 weeks early and weighted only 4 lbs 10 oz. But he is very healthy. He is over 5 lbs now. They let him come home after only a week in the hospital, he was doing so well. He is trying to hold his head up and has great focus when you talk to him. He hates being wrapped up in a blanket and squirms all the time!  I am looking forward to getting to know him.

My niece, S, who is Stinker's Mom, is doing a great job at being a Mom. She has waited so long to be a Mom. I am very happy she finally has her chance. I love you Mouse! Great job!

My parents surprised me by coming through on the their way to Alaska with friends. Everyone was told no to say anything to me. Ha ha! I think my surprise in April was better. Doesn't matter. I got to see my folks. I got to hug them. and work gave me a day off to spend with my Mom. I love hanging out with my mom. We went shopping, had lunch, visited Mouse and Stinker. it was a great day. We had dinner with my aunt and uncle and my cousin's family. The older one made a couple of appearances. I spoke to her but really didn't make an effort. I have discovered that I really have no feelings towards her. I feel flat when I look at her or talk to her. It's the same with the other one. Just nothing.

Mom and Dad have been giving travel updates to the other two. None to me. I think it is a ploy by my mother to get the three of us to speak to each other. All they have done is text me with the updates. I say thank you and that's about it. I think Mom will just have to accept that the three of us are not going to be friends. That is all there is to it.

I have asked my sisters not to talk about me behind my back. If they have anything to say about me, they should say it to me. That, of course, hasn't happened. They still talk behind my back. I have been trying to just ignore it but it really does hurt me. Dr.G gave me some advice about it. "I can't control the thoughts and actions of others." I have already found that this is helping. Though I may have an initial blast of anger, I repeat that in my head and I calm down. I begin to think that they are allowed to be douche bags and there is nothing I can do to change it. I have to learn how to work around it. It will be a long process but I think it is doable.

The only thing that would make life a little better right now is to meet someone special. Admittedly, it would mean leaving my house. That's the hard part right now. I can't seem to make myself go out into situations that there will be strangers and I have no back up. Freaks me out. A lot. I can be all funny and flirty and suave. If I have someone with me. and it is usually Tasha. Tasha makes a lousy wingman. (Sorry Tasha. But it's true.)  I have been invited to Prince George to hang out with my friend J. I think I need to do that. Very soon. A weekend away. Where J and I can go and have a bro's night out.  My birthday is coming up. Maybe I will treat myself to a road trip.

Back to my new cat. Because I need him to bond with this home but it is still summer and fairly warm outside, I want to leave my windows open. So I bought some chicken wire and stapled it over the window. I thought this would be a good way to accomplish both. Turns out I under estimated Bean. She somehow managed to squeeze her way out. Maybe I missed stapling a portion or maybe she pushed at it hard enough to pop the staples, I don't know. All I know is she got out. So did Boris but something freaked him out so she came back in right away. Tomorrow, I am adding another layer of wire to see if that helps with my mini escape artist.

Somehow, Blogger lost most of the last paragraph . Sorry about that folks. I hope this makes much more sense now. 

Any words of adive about any of the topics I covered today would be awesome.

Cat scratch fever



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  2. Boris is awesome. :) It's good to see you posting again. Missed ya :)