Thursday, September 29, 2011

My birthday

So today is my birthday. The big 4-3. Don't feel any different. Not even older. This past year has had a lot of up and downs.  More ups I think. Well, the last few months have been up anyway. There was Pride in Prince George. That was more fun then I could have ever imagined. Chris asking me to be a groomsman. That's pretty awesome. And even though I went back to Saskatchewan for my Grandma's funeral, it was wonderful to see my family.

The only really big downer is the fighting with my sisters. I have managed to piss them off. Again. This has been going on since we were kids. And I'm tired of it. I am not going to play into the games anymore. And if that means I have to change to do that, well, that's what I have to do. Hopefully I will end up a better me.

I'm tired of being angry at them. And tired of having them mad at me. I know that I can't control how they feel. But I think something can be done. I mean, all I can be is honest right? Speak my mind. And if that pisses them off, I guess I piss them off.

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