Thursday, November 10, 2011


So here I sit at home on a Thursday night. Listening to my Ipod and writing this blog. Oh and I am doing laundry, texting with "W" and cleaning here and there. I know. What a multi-tasker I am.

It has been a great week. Even though my sleep was off a little bit and it made me a bit grumpy, a few text messages from "W" put a smile on my face. Plus, getting a new job. That's pretty cool. It pays more money, is the same hours I am working now and I can walk to work. Plus, there is more opportunity to learn and move around. I like that too. And it is back in the safety field. I like that even more. Though I can't be a field medic anymore, I still want to be involved in safety. And this job is a great way to do that. I am really excited about it.

What ca I say about "W"? I like her a whole lot. The more we talk, the more we seem to click. She "gets" me you know? She understands. And she is more then willing to let me explore the new me. She even calls me Oliver. I love that! There is a vibe we are sharing that is pretty intense right now. She has asked that we wait for 90 days and even though it will be really tough to rein myself in, I think I can do it. I have a lot of respect for her and I think waiting will be good for both of us.

Of course, our second date is tomorrow and I am getting a zit on my chin. Dammit.

She is coming to my place to ccok me dinner. Wonder if I can talk her into cleaning for me too? MMMM??? Maybe not. But it might be worth a shot. I don't mind cleaning really. But I can usually find something else to do. Like trimming my toenails or trying to touch the tip of my tongue to my nose. Doing laundry sucks too. The machines in my building suck the big one.

Anyway, back to me. I am nervous about tomorrow but so excited too. This is a big thing for me. Taking things slow. Getting to know someone before go on to the next step. I usually do it the other way around. But i've discussed that already.  I am looking forward to snuggling on the couch while we watch movies. Then snuggling in bed. I love snuggles. I miss snuggles. Then I will us breakfast in the morning. I think just having someone here with me will be awesome.

I think I am ready for a grown up relationship. Or at least I hope so. it will be a brand new journey and adventure.

"He was the ghost of a texas ladies man."


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  1. Good job, I'm glad you're easing into this. It will make it way more intimate for you later. Love you.