Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dusty's excellent adventure Part 1

So here I am in Beaverlodge on the first leg of my journey to the east. I fly out of Grande Prairie this afternoon and M was kind enough to agree to take me to the airport and let me park my truck at her house. She is such a good friend. I love her. It is load of my mind that my truck is safe and taken care of. I know it only a vehicle. But it is the first new truck I bought on my own. 10 years ago but it is still mine. And I love my baby truck. Having M watch over it makes me more relaxed.

I have been reflecting the last few weeks about my anxiety. I know that a couple of years ago, a trip like this would have been impossible for me. I was barely able to leave my apartment for work. So flying so far from my safe zone into a big unknown is huge for me right now. Not to say that I don't have anxiety anymore. I do. But I feel more in control of it now. And I am sure it will rear it's ugly head while I am there. But I am hoping that it won't be too serious.

I know I will be surrounded by wonderful people while I am there. That they won't let anything happen to me. I can just transfer my safe zone there.  I thought I might be really nervous standing up front during the wedding but then I realized, all eyes will be on Birdman and Mrs.Birdman. I am just sort of an accessory. A handsome looking in my tux accessory but still an accessory. My excitement outweighs the anxiety. Hell, I walked down the aisle in a dress and heels for T's wedding! I can so totally stand there in a tux.

Do I sound excited about the tux? Well I am!! I have always wanted to wear one. Mom wouldn't let me for Grad and nothing else has come up since then. So I am SUPER STOKED!!

And yes, I am hoping to catch the eye of a single good looking woman while I am there. Someone who wants to see if the backwoods dyke knows what she is doing.

Ladies, for the record, yes. Yes I do

M and E are still in bed. So I am here in the living all by myself. Listening to music on my phone and writing this blog. Someone to talk to would be nice though.

I realized last night that this trip really the first time I will be "Dustin" to everyone. That is how people will know me. That makes me happy. I know Birdman was worried at one point that someone might say something and hurt my feelings. But really, I know he surrounds himself with good people so I am not worried at all. And if a stranger says something, oh well. I have been insulted before. And those strangers don't know me or anything about me. So their opinion doesn't count. So there! PPHHHHLLLLLTTT!!!!

Enough for now. I need to re pack my suitcase. I think I may have brought too much. :/

Sweet Caroline. Good times never seemed so good.



  1. Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday! It's going to be a blast!

  2. It will be a good time! Better be. I flew all the way out here! LOL