Friday, April 25, 2014


No. Not me you silly asses. I am talking about a book a friend of mine wrote.

Well. She drew the book. 

It doesn't have words. But it doesn't need words. It speaks right to the heart. 

It is the wonderful story of birth, growing and letting go. All told with wonderful hand drawn pictures. 

And if I could figure out how to post a picture from the book on this blog with Windows F**KING  8, I will do it. 

That is her website. You should check it out. 

JC (that's her name) also writes (draws) a blog. I "met" her through Chris Bird from Change the Topic fame. Amazing the connections that can be made through the inter webs. 

Anyway, she is a super talented artist of every kind. Including motherhood. As far as I know, her three kids are alive and well. She is the one who "toonswagged" me a while back. Made even me look all handsome and studly. 

Hey! Look! I figured it out!

Look at how beautiful the drawing is! Now that is talent! 

I think that says it all. 

As I was reading the book, I found myself smiling, laughing and a little choked up all at the same time. She says so much with her drawings. She proves that words are not always needed . 

I highly recommend this book to one and all. We all have Mom's. And this is an amazing tribute to those who raised us. You can find this book as well as her first book, The Last Snowman, on Createspace and Amazon. 

Trust me. You need this book. 


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