Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

Spent just the way I like it. Sleeping in. Relaxing cup of coffee. Nice chat with the folks. Oh and a few snuggles from the fur kids before my bladder made it quite clear it was time to get out of bed. I even got a few text messages from friends. And a couple of girls I have been chasing on and off for a while. Maybe the Christmas spirit will kick in and get me some very soon. (Did I say that out loud? My bad.)

I do have to tell you that I am not a big fan of the Christmas season. I hate Christmas music with a passion. (GAG!) Spending money on presents bugs me a lot too. I don't make that much money and having to dole out cash because it's the "season" irritates me. I don't mind buying for the kids. That's OK. And I don't mind buying for my best friend or parents. They do so much for me during the year, it's the least I can do. Everyone else can hang it though. I don't expect presents from everyone so why should I buy for everyone?

And all the false cheerfulness bugs me. The fake smile and hearty "Merry Christmas." If you don't want to say, don't. Tell me to bugger off or stick it up my ass instead if that's what you are feeling. I say it when I feel it. Not because I have to. I don't mail out Christmas cards either. Sorry.

Bah. Humbug.

I do like spending time with my best friend. And to me, that makes Christmas worth it. I always love spending time with her. Today, we will exchange our gifts to each other, have dinner, moan we ate too much then watch movies. It will an awesome, relaxing evening. And no booze.

That's right. No booze. After eight years of sharing Christmas with a partner who was drunk from the beginning of the month to the end, I declared that from now on my celebration would be booze free. I don't need the drama of a drunk pissing and moaning about life and death in my ear for a whole month. I dealt with that every weekend we were together. You think she would give it a break at some point. But no. It only got worse. Now, it is not my problem anymore and I really hope she isn't doing it to someone else.

Sorry. I'm a little grumpy. It happens.

I think New years will be spent with a buddy of mine. We haven't spent much time together lately but we are like that. I asked her if she just wanted to lay around on her couches and watch movies, eat junk food and completely miss midnight. She said she would think about it. I thought about heading out of town for New years. In the hopes of sneaking a kiss from a cute woman, but......I don't think I want to do that this year. It's money I don't really need to spend.  Maybe in February I'll head to Prince George. Girls tend to be a bit more needy at the time.

Sounds a bit underhanded I know but I'll take every advantage I can. I think my buddy, Smarty Pantaloons will understand.

I've been thinking about New years resolutions  as well.  I don't normally make them because i don't want to not do it and feel like a failure. But this year I think I will make one. One that i can keep if I just get stubborn about it. I want to lose some weight. Before Birdman's wedding in June. I eat not too bad right now. I'm doing good on avoiding the junk food. Though I have been indulging in chocolates this year. I just need to exercise more.  I would love to drop say, 10 lbs before June.  If anyone has any tips or hints on how to do that, please, let me know. I'll take any help I can.

I'm going to sign off now. Before my grinchiness gets any worse.

Little Miss, Little Miss Can't be wrong


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  1. Smarty tells me that you gotta get yours, and if you want him to hire you a pro, just give him a call. He knows some freaky deakies out your way. Love this post BTW.