Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Saturday!!!

I slept till 1:20 PM today.

I know.

But it felt soooo good! Not that I had a long hard week at work or anything. It was a fairly normal week. Just busy enough to make the day so fast but not overwhelming. So it was good. I even starting doing fit testing on my own. (Fit test: Making sure the mask of an SCBA is fitting properly so you don't get gassed if the is a sour gas leak. Kinda a good thing to do.) The boss is even thinking of sending me out into the field, when needed, to do fit tests. I love my job!

My friend, Birdman, gave me shout out on his blog today. Thanks Man! Anyone reading my blog should check out his. It's amazing!   I promise you will laugh, cry, smile , frown and come away thinking a little bit differently about things.  Check it out.

Someone left a comment  asking me if I had talked to my family about the changes I am making in my life. I admit I answered a bit snarky. I am sorry for that. I had just had a conversation with my older sister and it made me grumpy. As usual. The reason I haven't talked to my family about what I am doing is because I am not on casual speaking terms with my sisters. I have decided that, for now, little to no contact with them is what's best for me. They are rather negative about some things and I do not need that right now. As for my parents, I think it is a conversation I should have face to face with them. I am not sure if they know about this blog or have read it. They haven't mentioned it when we talk. But I think after the initial shock, they will be supportive. They will never block me from their life. I know that. I feel secure in that.

Some days I feel that the only people who love me for me is cats. Really. They are always good for a snuggle. They are sad to see me leave in the morning for work and so happy to see me when I get home. When I wake up in the middle of the night, there is always one or two on the bed with me. For the record, I have 3 cats. And I am not the crazy cat lady. Or crazy cat guy. Whatever. If I had a house with a yard, I might have a dog. But I don't think it is fair to have a dog in an apartment. Even a small dog. They need free access to the outside and apartment living doesn't offer that. Cats are a little easier. Though scooping litter boxes is not a favourite chore of mine.

I went out today for a bit. To the big department store. I will not tell you it's name because I hate the fact I have no choice but to shop there. Anyway, I was dressed as "Oliver". I was amazed at how many looks I didn't get. Most people just looked right past me. Though one woman did do a double take then wrinkled her nose like she was smelling something foul. I looked her right in the eye and smiled and winked.  She gave me another look then turned her back. I giggled to myself and moved on. I love doing that to people. Female or male. It really makes them uncomfortable. I know it seems ignorant but then, I think it is ignorant of them to look at me that way. You are not allowed to look at a handicapped person that way. So why should you look at me that way? I'm still a human being with feelings that can get hurt.

I think that is what gets forgotten sometimes. I have feelings. As do all gay people. Birdman mentioned people saying "gay" like it's a bad thing. He doesn't agree with it. And neither do I. It pisses me off. I don't walk around saying, "That's so straight!" when I don't like something. It sounds stupid. So why is saying "That's so gay" acceptable? I think maybe people should think about that next time it pops out of their mouths.

This was a rambling one again. But then, my mind rambles a lot. Focus is something I have to work at. Ha ha.

Till next time, just remember,

I wanna see how lucky Lucky can be.



  1. Aunty( I couldn't ever call you uncle! You have been my favorite aunty for 22 years!!!) I love reading these!!! I support anything you do with becoming oliver!! You do what you think is best and what will make you happy! I love you lots

    - your favorite niece Sam!

  2. Thank you Samm. I love you lots too. You mean so much to me.

  3. Good one, and I can vouch for hating the litter scoop. I remember when we would check the cats for you. They were turd machines. I know these aren't all the same cats, but whatever. Also an easier link to the blog is , and you're right about it's awesomeness. Lol