Sunday, December 4, 2011

I have a strange mind

Yeah yeah yeah. I know what you are thinking. But sometimes my mind surprises even me.

So here's what happened. I woke up at 5:30 Am, with a wicked toothache. Something I have been fighting for a few days. And yes. I know there are things called dentists. There is also something called money to pay for said dentist. Next payday, I am so going and getting this damn tooth pulled.

Back to my story. Screaming toothache, couple of hours sleep. So I get got up and took a couple of T-1's.  I decided to fool around on Facebook while waiting for the meds to kick in. Then I went back to bed. With an ice pack on my face. I finally fell asleep and managed to have a very wicked ass dream. (This is where the strange mind comes in.)

There was a lion, a wedding, some really badly dress drag queens and a preacher.

You can start laughing now.

What I remember is the lion wandering around in the background, acting like a big old house cat. The drag queens were actually bridesmaids. Dressed in very ugly bridesmaids dresses with loud, gawdy Mimi make-up. Turns out I was getting married. To a woman with dark hair. Shorter then me (but in the dream I was much taller then I really am), I was dressed in white (!) and my bride was dressed in black. I was standing behind her. And we were standing in a bedroom. The preacher (yeah I know) was sitting on the bed. He started the ceremony but answered a text message, then a phone call. I could feel myself getting madder and madder. Then he answered yet another phone call. That's when I lost it and yelled profanities at him.

Then my alarm went off. LMAFO - Sexy and I know it.  You can now start rolling on the floor laughing.

This is why I say I have a strange mind. Number one, I do not want to get married. Ever. And gawdy drag queens. Really? Nothing against drag queens. Love them! But probably not as my "bridesmaids". And then there is a preacher. A preacher. Ummmm, yeah. Not likely. Considering my views on religion. The only thing that kinda makes sense is the lion being a house cat.

Dreams are funny things. From what I understand, they mean something completely different then the images you "see". I'm not sure if I want to know what the dream means. It scares me. I know my mind works in strange ways. I don't really need to know how strange.

What makes me the happiest, is that I can actually fall into a deep enough sleep to dream. For years I didn't remember my  dreams. I don't think I was in a deep enough sleep. I certainly dream now. Wow. I believe we have discussed my angry dreams. I also have dirty dreams. Those are my favourite. I have such a dirty mind. Sometimes I feel like a teenage boy in the morning. If you know what I mean.

This was a rambling post but I still hope it was entertaining.

Ooooh, dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Ooooh, dream weaver
I believe we can reach the morning light


  1. Sometimes they are metaphorical and sometimes, depending your Spiritual Belief structure, they can be literal. that was a heckuva dream, buddy! Must have been some good T-1's :)

  2. Have you discussed any of this with your family? You have mentioned your parents and your siblings a Couple of times......what do they think of all this?

  3. They haven't said anything to me. But then, I haven't said anything to them either. I am not on casual speaking terms with my siblings and I just haven't talked to my parents yet. I think my folks will be ok with who I am. As for my siblings, I don't really care. Does that answer you're question?